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electric.film is a democratic, community-based film studio that puts the art of cinema first and empowers its members to create the films they want to see.

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The public sale of our Genesis Collection is open!

Collect one or more tokens from our Genesis Collection and own a first-of-its-kind, unique generative AI artwork and become a Founding Member of electric.film


Welcome to electric.film -- Apply to join the Founders Community -- Genesis Collection Public Mint is Now Live -- Get $BOLT for being an active member - Welcome to electric.film -- Apply to join the Founders Community -- Genesis Collection Public Mint is Now Live -- Get $BOLT for being an active member - Welcome to electric.film -- Apply to join the Founders Community -- Genesis Collection Public Mint is Now Live -- Get $BOLT for being an active member - Welcome to electric.film -- Apply to join the Founders Community -- Genesis Collection Public Mint is Now Live -- Get $BOLT for being an active member - Welcome to electric.film -- Apply to join the Founders Community -- Genesis Collection Public Mint is Now Live -- Get $BOLT for being an active member

electric.film DAO

The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the backbone, the soul, the brain and the heart of electric.film.


    Members of the DAO will:

  • - Enjoy perks and rewards from the films we produce including: exclusive content, invitations to red carpet premieres, Producer Credits, and exclusive collectibles.

  • - Get exclusive access to all stages of film production and get deeply involved in the aspects of filmmaking they chose

  • - Submit film projects for funding consideration

  • - Decide on the strategy of the DAO and which films we fund


  • Introducing electric.film

    electric.film was inspired by the making of ELECTRIC CHILD, a European indie sci-fi thriller by award-winning director Simon Jaquemet. During financing we made a journey through most European and many international project markets from the Berlinale Co-Production Market over the Frontières Market to the Venice Gap-Financing Market. We raised the €5 million budget through traditional channels like public funding, TV collaborations, and pre-sales. However, we also saw an opportunity to innovate by engaging Web3 communities.

    Tackling Two Challenges

    Traditional film financing faces issues like risk aversion, gatekeeping, and disruption from streaming platforms and AI technology.

    On the other hand, Web3's rapid growth is driven mainly by profit-seeking speculation, often lacking quality cinematic content. Yet, many risk-tolerant creatives in the space are eager to build strong, authentic communities around top-tier entertainment.

    Connecting Worlds

    Our goal is to connect Web3's innovative mindset with the film industry's immense creative potential, empowering both audiences and creators.

    Launching with ELECTRIC CHILD

    ELECTRIC CHILD is the ideal pilot project to kickstart the fusion of these worlds, fostering creativity and strengthening the bond between the film industry and Web3 technology.

  • ELECTRIC CHILD is a thought-provoking, edgy sci-fi thriller set in the now that explores the intersection of technology, artificial intelligence, and the human experience.

    The film is in post-production and will premiere in 2024.


    Sonny is a computer scientist leading a breakthrough experiment on artificial intelligence. When his and Akiko’s newborn baby is threatened by a rare, incurable disease, Sonny desperately tries to save his child’s life by entering a pact with the complex AI life-form he is developing.


    ELECTRIC CHILD is Simon Jaquemet's third feature after WAR and THE INNOCENT. He is a multi award winning director with his previous films being selected at prestigious film festivals like Toronto International Film Festival, Berlinale, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest and many more.


    ELECTRIC CHILD is a European co-production between Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Produced by 8horses, unafilm and Revolver Amsterdam. The film was shot in Switzerland, Germany and the Philippines.

  • Of course! Let's break it down into simpler terms:

    • DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are organizations that are run and managed by a community through blockchain technology. DAOs operate based on smart contracts and community voting, ensuring transparent decision-making and decentralized governance.

    • Web3: Web3 is the next generation of the internet, also known as the decentralized web. It aims to create a more secure, transparent, and user-centric online experience by leveraging blockchain technology.

    • Film3: Film3 is a term used to describe the intersection of filmmaking and web3 technologies. It encompasses new approaches to film development, funding, distribution, and audience engagement through decentralized platforms and blockchain.

    • Blockchain: A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that securely stores information in "blocks" linked together using cryptography. This technology allows for transparent, tamper-proof, and secure data storage, and is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies and various web3 applications.

    • NFTs: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that represent ownership or proof of authenticity for digital or physical items, like art, collectibles, or even virtual real estate. NFTs are built on blockchain networks, ensuring their uniqueness, ownership, and provenance.

    In the context of electric.film, we leverage web3 technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and DAOs to create a decentralized film studio that empowers filmmakers and audiences. This approach enables innovative funding models, community-driven decision-making, and a more transparent and equitable film industry.

  • Yes, you can still be part of all that electric.film offers, become a Founding Member and access the sale of the Genesis Collection even if you don't have a web3 wallet.

    We understand that not everyone is familiar with web3 wallets, and we want to make the process as accessible as possible for all users.

    To accommodate those without a web3 wallet, we provide the option to connect via email address using Crossmint. To mint a token of the Genesis Collection, you can use a credit card. Once you have minted, you can choose to keep it in your Crossmint wallet or transfer it to your own web3 wallet at a later time when you're comfortable doing so.

    Our goal is to make the electric.film DAO accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience with web3 technology.

  • The DAO will be implemented as a two-chamber model:

    • The chamber of humans: Every holder of one or more Founder’s Tokens will have a single vote.

    • The chamber of money: Every holder of one or more Founder’s Tokens will have a vote proportional to their financial share. Additional investors, who might join later will get their voting power in this chamber only.

    Governance will be ramped up gradually and adjusted to ensure that the DAO remains operational and balanced.

    After the founding phase we propose the following allocation of the initial treasury:

    • 25% to purchase a co-producer's share of our pilot project ELECTRIC CHILD

    • 25% to finance operations, team and future growth of the project

    • 50% to be invested in film projects following the decision of the DAO

  • $ELECTRIC is a digital “social token” or "meme coin" that you can earn, trade and use by being a valuable member of the electric.film community. $ELECTRIC allows electric.film to reward supporters of the project in fun ways that give its holders a real sense of membership, community and influence on the direction of the project.

    What is a social token? A web3 social token is a digital token that you can hold and use in blockchain-based communities. In our community, It functions like a membership or access pass or loyalty/rewards program. $ELECTRIC lives on the Polygon blockchain, allowing for transparent ownership and exchange.

    How do I earn $ELECTRIC?

    • Holders of a Genesis Collection NFT get a one-time 10,000 $ELECTRIC airdrop and a weekly 500 $ELECTRIC passive income

    • Followers of electric.film on Lens earn get a weekly 200 $ELECTRIC airdrop

    • Joining our Discord yields a 500 $ELECTRIC one-time welcome gift.

    We will work with our community to continually develop fun and engaging ways to earn $ELECTRIC like engaging in (and even leading!) the community, participating in the marketing of the project, inviting your friends and completing quests. We welcome any and all ideas on how to create a vibrant and engaged community who feel rewarded for their participation.

    $ELECTRIC is not a security and does not represent legal ownership or entitle holders to any financial returns. $ELECTRIC should not be seen as an investment nor expected to function as real monetary instruments.

    The $ELECTRIC token contract is: 0x22D4DFE6dA0D661F48BD7c8a9224fF1c866Fe0E2


Become a part of the electric.film community and stay up-to-date with our latest developments, events, and opportunities. Join us on our social media platforms to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about cinema and web3 technologies.

As a special feature, all Founders Community members will have access to exclusive Discord channels featuring confidential sneak-previews of our pilot project ELECTRIC CHILD and the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on the founding phase of electric.film

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Join the electric.film community today and be a part of our journey to revolutionize the film industry through decentralization and innovation.



  • Simon\nJaquemet

    Simon Jaquemet

    As an accomplished director and writer, Simon contributes his deep understanding of the film industry and creative processes to the electric.film team. His vision for the future of decentralized filmmaking helps guide the platform's development and growth.

  • Olga\nLamontanara

    Olga Lamontanara

    Olga brings her extensive experience in film production and management to the electric.film team. With a keen eye for storytelling, a passion for innovative filmmaking and a special focus on working with female filmmakers and artists from underrepresented groups, Olga plays a crucial role in shaping the creative direction of the projects.

  • Reto\nHabegger

    Reto Habegger

    Reto, a Web3 Project Manager with 14 years of experience, brings a strong background in blockchain technology to electric.film. Pursuing a Master of Science in Blockchain and Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia and holding a CAS in Blockchain, Reto contributes valuable expertise and innovation to the platform.

  • Julian Flores

    Julian Flores

    Julian is a 15 year startup veteran who’s built products and companies across consumer tech, B2B, media and social impact. As an obsessive film lover, he has helped to form communities and relationships across the #Film3 movement to help make a better world for filmmakers and fans.

  • Jates


    Marketing and Community. Jate's background in marketing and community engagement makes her an invaluable asset to the electric.film team. Her ability to build and nurture strong connections within the community ensures that our platform continues to grow and thrive.

  • Malik\nEl Bay

    Malik El Bay

    Malik, a seasoned entrepreneur and blockchain educator at Swiss universities, provides strategic guidance to electric.film. With his experience in leading two ICOs and building startups, Malik's insights and industry knowledge are instrumental in shaping the platform's long-term vision and growth.

  • Martin\nKrung

    Martin Krung

    Advisor. Martin, a crypto OG since 2011 and the inventor of the term "vampire attack," brings valuable web3 knowledge to the electric.film team. As an advisor, he offers strategic guidance and support, helping to ensure that electric.film remains a trailblazer in the decentralized filmmaking space.

  • Benja\nBegovic

    Benja Begovic

    Web3 Technologies Advisor passionate about enhancing user experiences and crafting innovative digital solutions. Combining film and blockchain interests, Benja propels electric.film towards user-friendly, secure, and scalable online ecosystems for movie enthusiasts.

  • Dr. iur. Andreas Gmünder

    Dr. iur. Andreas Gmünder

    Andreas is an Attorney-at-Law for International Monetary and Financial Market Law with admissions to the bar in Switzerland and Germany. His focus is on regulatory aspects and respective developments in the Blockchain and Digital Asset space in Switzerland and internationally.