Install Wallet (MetaMask)

If you already have a Crypto Wallet, you can directly go to the second section "Get the POAP".

Download and install a Crypto Wallet on your mobile phone, we recommend "MetaMask":

After starting the MetaMask app and selecting "Get Started", click on "Create a new wallet".
Create a new password and confirm it. You can also enable biometric authentication like "Face ID".

Next, it asks you to backup your recovery phrase. If you have time and a pen and paper, write it down and store it securely by following the steps in the app.

If you don’t have time or a pen and paper, click "Remind me later" to get to the next step. Never share this with anyone and don’t save it anywhere digitally!
When you are finished setting up, copy your account address (starts with 0x...) by tapping on it, you will need this in the next step.

Get the POAP

Download the POAP app for your mobile device:

After downloading and starting the POAP app, paste your earlier copied wallet address into the field.

Now you are ready to claim a POAP. Click "Mint" and then "Scan QR" to scan the QR code handed out by the team on site or use the "Secret word" if you have received one.

Congratulations, you are a part of!

You now own a specific and personal POAP (Which is an NFT - Non-Fungible Token) that can only be collected as a reward for participating in a special event.

Stay tuned, as the POAPs enable you to vote or access future drops and releases.