Our vision for electric.film is to become a decentralized, community-centric film production powerhouse with the option for modular extensions like our own streaming platform to generate revenue.

Film production funding and distribution in the current state of the industry and the used legacy systems tend to generate a lot of additional costs, complications and friction.

To challenge the status quo of the film industry, we build a blockchain-based alternative.

YOU are electric.film!

Electric.film is a decentralized community, open to anyone interested in the future of Web3 and film production.

A POAP (pronounced poh-ap, not pope / short for Proof Of Attendance Protocol) is a special kind of NFT, accessible to everyone who participated in a certain event. These NFTs are called POAPs.

POAPs are digital mementos, minted in celebration of lifes remarkable moments. Each POAP is a gift from an issuer (electric.film) to collectors (YOU), in celebration of a special shared memory.

By minting these memories to the blockchain, collectors can build a rich tapestry of tokenized experiences, which unlock a world of possibilities.

POAPs will keep you connected with electric.film and enable you to vote or access future drops and releases.

You probably don`t want to miss that!

We are near the end of the concept phase. The pre-launch of electric.film will take place soon.

Simultaneously, the Electric Child movie is being shot.

Stay tuned for whats to come! 🙂